16 March 2011

Ada berani ka?

Kami di Sekretariat Parlimen Kota Raja membuka ruang bicara maya bersama semua peringkat ahli dan penyokong PAS berkenaan keputusan terkini Liga PRK "M" yang kini berkedudukan 8 sama.

Umum sudah banyak memperkatakannya termasuk pandangan pimpinan Barisan Nasional, Pakatan Rakyat, Ahli Akedamik, Bloggers, rakyat jelata dikedai kopi.

Cuma kami ingin kongsikan pandangan En Ir. EH Onn dari Bukit Rimau, Kota Kemuning yang juga merupakan AJK DHPP Kota Raja Yang sangat aktif dalam kerja-kerja parti.

Kami siarkan tanpa edite tulisan beliau yang diemailkan kepada kami.

The objective of politics is to seize power.  That power must be sustained by the rakyat who support the people in power who implement policies that will benefit the rakyat using, among other means, the natural resources of that country.

It is serious business, and those immersed in political struggle must remain focused and committed.  Strong character and personal qualities must be possessed by those who lead.

Then there must be strategy and tactics, thought out and planned, and an organisation built up to implement the plans.

At this point of our nation’s history, the greatest enemy to progress is UMNO/BN.  To fight them, political leadership demands that unity be forged among the rakyat to fight the common enemy.  Our country is unique because of the diversity of races and religions.  We must bring down walls erected by UMNO in the last 50 years to keep us divided.

We must fight with issues which can unite us, not play up issues which can cause confusion among the rakyat of various races and religions.

The path to victory is not strewn with roses.  There will be setbacks, but we should learn from our mistakes and rise again to fight.

Even if we do not see victory in our lifetime, we leave this world with our contribution.  We would have nurtured the soil of our motherland with our toil, and watered it with our sweat.

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