07 August 2012

Ready for GE next month

Convinced that the general election will be held this year between next month and November, Pakatan Rakyat today said the coalition was prepared  to face Barisan Nasional's scare tactics during campaigning.

"UMNO-Barisan Nasional will use Merdeka day to restore their image. We are confident that the general election will be held sometime in September or the latest in November. We are prepared with all our plans," said PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali during a joint press conference with other PR leaders.

Mustafa said PR's secretariat had met earlier today to discuss the polls.

DAP's Youth leader Anthony Loke meanwhile said BN would rehash its "old script" to demonise his party in order to spook Malay voters.

"By doing that, they hope Malay voters would not vote for PAS and PKR," he said.

Loke said UMNO's partner MCA would at the same time continue to vilify PAS among Chinese voters through its campaign of misinformation about hudud.

"To counter such lies, we in Pakatan have formulated a strategy. We hope the people will focus on our agenda for the good of all citizens," he added.

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