16 February 2010

Banners and bilboards need local council approval

MPK made the right decision in bringing down the banner/bill board welcoming the PM to Pandamaran.

PR has no problem welcoming and inviting him to Selangor, but does the PM want us to flaunt the law and allow his giant sized banner to be put up on an illegal structure.

The land belongs to the state and no permission has been given nor have the Council received any application from anyone for bill board erection.

The PM supporters, if they are sincere, must be thankful that we are saving the PM an embarrassing situation. Surely he does not want to be asked why illegal methods are used to promote his visit. Without doubt our PM would not want to be thought above the law in all matters small or big.

We welcome the PM to Selangor, but please set a good example and abide by local council laws.

YB Dr Xavier Jayakumar

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