14 February 2010

In the end "DPM look stupid"

I am not sure of the reasons about the hoo-has surrounding the 'decision NOT to have the maulidur rasul march' this year in Penang.

Maulidur rasul marches have one overriding aim in mind- that of publicly showing our love to the Prophet and showing to the world, that here in Malaysia, we are good Muslims. Good Muslims march in processions. They sing selawats loudly.

The essence of Muhammad and his message are often lost in  noisy marches.

Firstly, there wasn't any decision to ban at all. if Lim Guan Eng does that, it would be politically suicidal for him. As a non Muslim, he must have Muslim advisers. Go ask them what happened. Listening to the head of Jabatan Agama Islam Penang, he didn't indicate of any decisions not to hold events celebrating Prophet Muhammad. Indeed he was indicating looking at alternative forms/events on how to celebrate Prophet Muhammad meaningfully. If it's true that Penang is going to have a 3 day celebration of the Prophet by way of several programs, those events may turn out to be more meaningful.

The newspaper which made the reports didn't get the facts right and in the end, made the DPM look stupid. If Mohd Ali aka Cassius Clay were to be in Malaysia, he would be saying to DPM- you are stupid as you look. Tun Pak Lah? Well you know, maybe he was sleeping and people doubt whether he reads newspapers.

Second thing, about this maulidur rasul. It is insulting to Muslims to suggest that marching and sweating it out is the way to express our love to the prophet. Perhimpunan ummah, having special prayers, recounting the life of the prophet are better ways to celebrate our Prophets.

Some of the UMNO children don't know what to respond when hearing the name Muhammad SAW uttered.  
Some UMNO people and some remembers of the royalty I know, uttered the literal SAW( as in wood saw). So they will say, Muhammad S.A.W or saw instead of Sallalla hualai hiwasallam. Some even said Muhamad Subhanahu wataala. Yet these are the people who be pulling their hair and jump in showy tantrums, when maulidur rasul marches are not held.

It could be that holding maulidur rasul is essentially a political decision whether Islamic or secular. It could very also be a bidaah practice.

Many states under UMNO control don't hold maulidur rasul marches. They wisely decide that holding special prayers, reading of Yassin, holding out tazkirah, having majlis maulids are better. I would rather go to a ratib haddad session than to a maulidur rasul march. Or maybe I could suggest that marchers go visit the madrasah at taufiqiah al husainiah of Fuad al Rembawi

Those in Negeri Sembilan will achieve more listening  to ustaz Fuad than marching with MB Hassan.

After the march, what?Your Faith go up a few notches? 

Written by : Sakmongkol ak-47 (Dato' Mohd Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz.) : http://sakmongkol.blogspot.com

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