25 April 2010

Please stop voting for liars and sellouts, Vote For Change

After a quiet few days, here comes the picture that's speaking 30,000 words for Zaid Ibrahim, for Pakatan, for Malaysians!

It's a picture of people's power versus Umno's estimated >2 trillion ringgit squandered from the country and people for the past 30 years. Click here for more photo in the final countdown

This is a picture of hope for Hulu Selangor and the 13th GE; a picture that promises to redeem Malaysia from impending collapse back into contention with, or even surpassing our erstwhile peers.

It's a very promising picture for the 13th GE, even if some semi-rural voters succumb to cash, threats or blackmail later today. All eyes must be on high alert for phantom voters.

Let's all Win With Great Hopes or even lose (touch wood) without much despair tonight. Win or lose today, the pictures do give optimism for a better Malaysia. Let's strive for the best!

Hulu Selangor voters! Please stop voting for liars and sellouts. VOTE FOR CHANGE!!! 

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