18 June 2010

Status Tian Chua sebagai MP

Arr in Labuan w @tonypua 4DAP Labuan dinner/crmh @tianchua disqualified by RM2k fine but he has 14 days 2appeal under Art 48 of Constitution
06/18/2010 01:39 PM

Position pertaining 2 @tianchua’s parliamentary position is laid down in Art 48(4)(4) of Msian Constitution
06/18/2010 01:49 PM

As I read Art 48 Constitution it makes no difference whether fine paid or not, so long as appeal is exercised within 14 days RT @PuteraPedang @tonypua @tianchua TC didn’t bother to appeal. He already paid the penalty in full.
06/18/2010 03:26 PM

Whatever legal status or outcome of @tianchua’s appeal Art 48(4)(4) which grants him 14 days leeway will govern his qualification as MP RT @thomas_su @edmundbon Appeal avenue exhausted when Hct made decision. Further appeal not as of right. Whether fine paid, sentence stays.
06/18/2010 04:18 PM

Art 48(4)(4) provides dat disqualification of an MP fined “not less than RM2k” shall take effect upon expiry of 14days from sentence but this is deferred if he appeals within these 14days or initiates any other court proceedings re conviction/sentence – which then depends on final outcome
06/18/2010 04:40 PM

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