05 May 2011

‘Sick and tired of sex episode’ - Siapa Sebenarnya Pengkhianat Islam

All attempts by the Datuk T trio to tarnish Anwar Ibrahim has fallen flat and now they are enlisting the help of religion
(Free Malaysia Today) - The people are sick and tired of the sex video scandal and the Datuk T trio’s attempt to link it to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. And the latest move to get Anwar to undergo a polygraph test or take an oath in a mosque to prove his innocence is an attempt to keep the issue in the limelight.
PKR vice-president N Surendran said Anwar was right to reject the calls as his three accusers – Rahim Tamby Chik, Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Shuib Lazim – have tarnished reputations.
Penulis ingin memetik kata-kata penganalisa politik Khoo Kay Peng dalam artikel diatas;
"Political analyst Khoo Kay Peng, however, believed that public perception on Anwar’s credibility was at stake among those who do not have access to alternative news. “And the real victim here is not Anwar but Islam,” said Khoo.
He explained that the act of dragging Islam into the sex video scandal  is creating a bad image of Islam among the non-Muslims.
Jika inilah yang dibawa oleh tiga ekor juak UMporNO menyebabkan imej buruk dikalangan non-Muslim, maka siapa sebenarnya Pengkhianat Islam? 

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