05 March 2009

Kes Pembunuhan Altantuya di dada Akhbar Perancis

Altantuya Murder Expose In French Paper
2009-03-05 13:36
An explosive expose of the Altantuya murder hits the street of Paris Thursday (5 March) with a two-page expose in the Liberation newspaper. An online version has just been posted on its website http://www.liberation.fr/promo...liberation in PDF format. The expose comes with four colour photographs of the main personalities involved including Baginda Razak who was charged with rabbeting the murder, has been acquitted by the High Court in Kuala Lumpur.
A translation of the expose was posted by Raja Petra Kamarudin on his immensely popular website, Malaysia Today, at 0834 hours this morning. Given the time difference, both the street as well as the online editions had not yet appeared. It is probable RPK got hold of an advance copy through his connections.
A reader of Malaysia Today posted hi ss obsevation that a blurb that came out on Wednesday (4 March) telling readers of the Libération website what's coming out in the print edition of the paper Thursday. One of the items highlighted in the blurb is this: "L’étrange affaire du meurtre d’une interprète mongole qui gêne le pouvoir en Malaisie." Translation: "The strange affair of the murder of a Mongolian interpreter which is embarrassing the authorities in Malaysia." (MySinchew)
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