22 April 2011

Hail Chia Ming!!!

Berani sungguh Chia Ming menulis di dalam blog Najib. Kelakar pula bila baca komen dari anak muda Chia Ming. Rujuk pada posting "Flip Flop" 2 di bawah. Nampaknya ramai yang menyanggah Najib. Kalau ikutkan betul ke idea Email satu malaysia ini datang dari Najib and the gang?.

Cuba baca di bawah. Tak larat nak translate. Kalau tak faham, cari mana-mana rakan-rakan boleh tolong baca dan "Chechita" sikit.

Email 1Malaysia is stolen idea - PM Najib, 1MDB please clear your name

I successfully submitted the 1Malaysia Email System free for all on 25th January 2011.
By acai acai

I am writing this as I want PM Najib and www.1MDB.com.my to clear their name and credibility.

PM Najib through Pemuda UMNO had announced a Dana Belia for a new idea that will be selected and will compete in a reality show on TV3.

Excited by PM Najib's efforts to help youngsters contribute ideas, I decided to key in and submit a proposal that I had worked on since June last year. I successfully submitted the 1Malaysia Email System free for all on 25th January 2011.

My fellow friends can check the attached pictures and I can prove on the capture screen to www.1mdb.com.my that the date of submission was on 25th January 2011.

I understand the 1Malaysia domain belongs to Najib Razak and the idea might have come as early as when Najib introduced the 1Malaysia concept.

But still, I have the feeling that when Tricubes chose to announce it in a hurry and the interface of http://mail.1malaysia.com.my/ is still a blank interface without a single explanatory word, that something is fishy.

I ask for help from FB, Malaysians, UMNO, PAS, PKR, DAP and all to help me to ask PM Najib and www.1mdb.com.my and all respective parties to clear their name and prove to me their idea came before I submitted my idea to the Malaysian Government.

I will fully support the idea if:
- ground work was done before I submitted my idea to www.1mdb.com.my on 25th January 2011
- cost of setup and maintaining it for the first year is RM 20,000,000 with 6 replicate servers nationwide and unlimited storage inclusive of all applications installed in all Government agencies to push information to Rakyat.
- 1Malaysia Email according to my proposal is 1Malaysia Right to own so every race from whatever religion in Malaysia deserves a share and interest in the project. Or else ... 1Malaysia is not 1Malaysia.

Dear all,

I may or may not know you in the cyber world ... I understand everybody has ideas ... but since I submitted my application to www.1mdb.com.my, the idea and Tricubes' hurried announcement, there is still nothing nor even any notice put up in http://mail.1malaysia.com.my.

My intention is clear for Najib and 1MDB; I want them to clear their name. Although I know I won't get anything from them, at least putting it under the people of Malaysia's interests is better than putting it under one company's interest.

And one last lesson ... be careful when you send your ideas to www.1mdb.com.my

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