16 April 2011

LIVE REPORTS from Sarawak

3.42pm: Latest unofficial figures from Ba'Kelalan. PKR has increased its lead to 477.
PKR - 1,747
SPDP - 1,270

3.38pm:In N30 Saribas BN is leading with 1,638 to PKR's 601, majority 1,037.
3.35pm: According to DAP sources, the party is leading in two seats - Meradong (near Sibu), Kidurong (Bintulu) - in early count. DAP is the incumbent in both Meradong and Kidurong.

There appears to be a close fight in Bawang Assan, which is held by Sibu SUPP strongman Wong Soon Koh. He is being challenged by Alice Lau, a new face from DAP.
3.28pm: PKR deputy president Azmin Ali says that Baru Bian is still leading by 300 votes in Ba'Kelalan as the vote count continues.
Baru's campaign manager Paul has earlier claimed victory.
3.05pm:In N30 Saribas BN is leading with 872 out of some 2,000 votes cast.
3.01pm: Selangor exco Xavier Jayakumar, who is in Krian, tells Malaysiakini that PKR has won the state seat.
With one more ballot box to go, PKR is leading SPDP:

PKR - 2,335
SPDP - 1,185

He says that the PKR lead in this Iban-majority seat is so big that the final ballot box will not make any difference to the overall result.

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