16 April 2011

Updates up to 4.10pm


4.10pm: In Saribas, PKR has been defeated in all 12 polling districts counted so far. Another 10 polling districts are unknown.

BN's majority in almost all 12 polling districts has increased compared with the 2006 polls.

It was said that PBB retained the seat in the last polls with only a 94-vote majority because its fielded a unpopular candidate.
The initial result shows PBB's strategy to replace incumbent Wahbi Junaidi with young novice, Muhammad Razi Sitam, has helped to party to regain lost support.
4.09pm: According to PAS the results at 4pm at the following:

N15 Muara Tuang
PAS: 200
BN: 381
Bebas: 0

N20 Sadong Jaya
PAS: 223
BN: 672
Ind: 77
3.53pm: A PKR source says BN is leading with some 700 votes in Layar and there are only a few polling stations yet to close. It is going to be very difficult to overturn BN's majority, says the source.

The Iban-majority semi-rural seat of Layar is the stronghold of deputy chief minister Alfred Jabu, who is seeking his eight consecutive term in this election.

He is challenged by PKR's new face Stanny Embat.
3.58pm: DAP says it is on its way to retain Meradong, which was won by spunky 27-year-old Teng Tze Fui four years ago. She is leading by 459 votes.
During the campaigning, DAP has expressed fears that she could be defeated.

DAP - 1,072
SUPP - 613
3.50pm: According to Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching, there appears to be a swing to the opposition in Repok which DAP hopes to wrest from SUPP.

In one polling station during early count, DAP won 165 votes against BN's 135.

“During 2006 (state elections), we lost by 23 votes,” she says. DAP lost by 576 votes in the last state elections. 3.45pm: PKR sources say BN is leading with some 400 votes at N28 Engkilili

The Iban-majority seat, said to be a 'grey' seat for BN, sees a four-way fight amongst BN-SUPP, PKR, Snap and an Independent.

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