04 April 2009

Zahid Hamidi 'talking nonsense'

Go-Go girls: Zahid 'talking nonsense'
Apr 4, 09 10:11AM

‘If he doesn't know much about the Chinese culture, then please shut up. I am a Chinese and I got very upset reading his statement. He is talking nonsense.’

On BN's sexy girls fish for votes

Johsua Mah: I think Ahmad Zahid's statement is a misrepresentation of Chinese culture.

I am absolutely upset by such an extremely unwise statement. His statement sounds as if the Chinese are a low-class race who only love to drink and watch performances by sexy, beautiful girls.

I have to say that his statement is absolutely disgusting and demeaning to the Chinese culture. If he doesn't know much about the Chinese culture, then please shut up.

I am a Chinese and I got very upset reading his statement. He is talking nonsense.To the MCA, please don't portray the Chinese as low-class citizens of Malaysia whose culture is drinking, eating and watching sexy, beautiful girls performing.

Please be responsible for what you have done. I 100 percent believe that many Chinese who read Zahid’s statement are as upset as me.

Zahid and MCA, please be professional and mature.

Insulted: I felt so ashamed and insulted when Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that it is the culture of Chinese to have sexy girls dancing on the stage.

It clearly shows that he knows nothing about Chinese culture.If Zahid Hamidi enjoys watching sexy girls dancing, please just say so.

Do not say that it is the Chinese culture. It is a new Western culture in case Zahid Hamidi doesn't know.

Sritharan Palanisamy:
The person(s) who were responsible for staging the act of these Go-Go girls dance have really bad taste and have underestimated the priorities of the locals.

Furthermore, they have not only insulted not only the constituents’ intelligence but also their dignity.

Due to this blunder, the organisers not only lost the cost involved to organise this show but also are bound to lose a significant number of votes in protest of this Go-Go girls show.

Whether a particular event is part of a community’s culture or not, it should first be assessed as to its relevance to the main agenda.

Just because you think a Go-Go girls show is part of the Chinese community’s culture, will you have the same show at a Chinese primary school’s prize-giving ceremony?

I Love USJ: It is really funny to hear Ahmad Zahid Hamidi make such comment that the event he attended is a budaya Cina.

Does he really know budaya Cina in Malaysia? Please do not associate the Chinese culture with sexy dancing girls.

From the dresses and the songs they sang, there is not a single thing that is associated with Chinese culture. I hope that MCA leaders will help to educate Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on what is real Chinese culture.

Please. Please do not make fun of Chinese culture just to win votes. I really do not want other Chinese around the world to look down on Chinese Malaysians thinking that sexy dancing girls are their ‘culture’ in Malaysia.

Please set the record right and respect the Chinese culture.

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